Mission and Vision

Our aim is to passionately drive the economy with integrity and holding all Alumax local, industrial and regulatory stakeholders by trust, benevolence and ultimately to make human living experience as great as possible. ALUMAX has a wide believe in collective wisdom by providing utmost engineering solution to our local community and to create a general and environmental goodwill because ALUMAX is confident that the future of Pakistan will be ‘Idyllic and beautiful’ 


A-ALUMAX was established in 1989 by a group of highly qualified professionals from diversified walks of life including professional from engineering, banking sectors and entrepreneurs. The fellows felt the immense need of beauty in new constructions all over the country and wanted to develop an international level fabricating company as a leader in Aluminum, Glass, UPVC and ACP Cladding Engineering solutions. This need of the community was transformed into business called ‘ALUMAX’.

Engineering Solutions

We  provide solutions to your specific problem regarding Electrical, Civil and construction.

Glass and aluminium

Alumax glass and aluminum division has years of experience as a glazing and aluminum fabricator/ subcontractor in construction projects such as high rise buildings and towers, residential and commercial buildings, villas, facilities and etc.


We Provide decoration and furnishing to your house, offices and industries

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